Margaret , 68


If my chiropractor had not asked for an x-ray of my lower back I would not have found out about this loss of bone mass until I had a fracture.

The fact that I have lost 30% of my bone mass in my spine was only discovered because I could not get any physiotherapy on the NHS for my low back pain and so I had to consult a chiropractor privately and he wanted an x-ray done.  My doctor did arrange the x-ray on the NHS and the x-ray report stated "loss of bone mass in line with her age".  I was 65.  

My chiropractor told me to ask my doctor to arrange for me to have a dexa-scan as he said "in order for bone mass loss to show on an x-ray you need to have lost at least 30% of it".  I had the dexa-scan which did indeed show that I have lost one-third of my bone mass in my spine and so my doctor put me on Alendronic Acid once weekly tablets and calcium supplements with vitamin D.

I have now been diagnosed as having both Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and the Hypermobility Joint Syndrome Ehlers Danlos iii Syndrome.