Janice, 63

From Wales

Janice was a busy teacher and an active hill climber from Aberystwyth when she fractured her hip aged 56.

Walking down the school playground path to speak to some pupils, Janice tripped over in October 2006 and landed badly.  Seeing her foot pointing the wrong way and in increasing pain, Janice knew something was wrong.  She was ambulanced to the local hospital and discovered that she had fractured her hip.  Because of her age, the surgeon pinned her hip rather than replacing it.  Janice was on crutches for 3 months and off work for 6 months.

Janice’s first contact with a Specialist Osteoporosis Nurse took place on the day after her operation.  A few months after that, Janice was contacted by the Fracture Liaison Service in Aberystwyth.  Due to her age and the low trauma of her fall, she had been identified as someone who needed follow up and should be assessed for osteoporosis.  A DXA scan confirmed that Janice had the condition and she was put on alendronic acid and calcium tablets.

Janice found the support and advice from the Fracture Liaison Service invaluable.  She received advice on keeping fit, having a calcium rich diet and how to approach her rehabilitation.  Regular walks along the sea front in Aberystwyth became an important and therapeutic part of her day.  Her school was understanding and helpful and Janice started on phased re-employment before going back full time.

She is still in regular contact with the Fracture Liaison Service where she receives regular scans and advice.  The medication has improved her bone density enormously and when she fell down an escalator last year, she suffered no fractures.  Janice remains an avid walker.

Like many people with her fracture experience, Janice is keen to spread the word about preventing further fractures and urges people to think carefully about their fracture risk and seek advice if they are over 50, have fractured and not been assessed for osteoporosis.