Fiona, 53

From Dundee

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 43. I'd had a number of toe and other breakages in my 30s, and I'd also cracked the bull joint in my shoulder but I hadn't thought anything about my bones, I just thought I was being careless. 

I received a diagnosis and got put onto treatment to help strengthen my bones. I found the advantage of knowing about osteoporosis at that earlier age was that I could adapt my lifestyle - take up weight bearing exercise, I could avoid wearing sandals, wear shoes instead, and when I was going to gym classes I could tell the instructor that I had this condition so that I could concentrate on the exercises that were good for me.

I continue to adapt my lifestyle and I do what I want to do, making sensible choices knowing that I have the condition. It hasn't stopped me going camping and going hostelling around the world. I make sure I do a lot of walking and I do have to take an alendronic tablet once a week, and I make sure that my diet is good for calcium and that I get some sun exposure for vitamin D, although I do have fair skin so I have to make sure, I don't burn.

I joined the National Osteoporosis Society to get further information, tips and hints and also to get in touch with other people of a similar age group who have the condition because I tend to think of it as an older person's disease. There was another local woman who had been been diagnosed at the same time and we were able to support each other, and we both now both volunteer for the charity.